The Simonelli Group is constantly innovating to create advanced machines with improved performance and efficiency.

All the protagonists of the coffee chain contribute equally to guarantee the high-quality of the product. That is why it is fundamental that each one of them maximizes their knowledge. In the coffee world, there is always something new to learn.

Simonelli Group’s goal is to continuously guide and coach everyone that is part of this industry. For that reason, the company activated the Coffee Knowledge Hub, an educational platform with the goal of developing and supporting coffee professionals.

The Coffee Knowledge Hub is dedicated to the ongoing development of coffee professionals around the world. Through continuous learning we are working to make the coffee world, a better place.
The courses on offer are delivered at Simonelli Branch offices and our network of Experience Labs.

We offer courses from CQI, the SCACoffee ChemistryCoffee Mind, and our own Coffee Science Hub.

Coffee Knowledge Hub has its sub-hub for the younger baristas under 30. Youth Academy provides courses that aim to form professionals, offering a complete knowledge of the coffee world using the Coffee Skills Program of SCA specializing in barista skills.

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